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Jan 15
People find that creepy?? You can just give their gifts to me then.

Glad to! Boxes of bones that look like maybe there are curses involved I recognise are not wicked sick awesome to everyone.  It’s more I worry that it’d be creepy.  Like giving someone a childhood fave book they forgot about.  Kind of creepy.  I am just trying so hard to be a human!

This is yours, btw, I just keep forgetting to bring it in/want to try and remember some time when Chase is using his car power to get you home so you don’t have to bus with it.

Oct 6
againstthetidebook replied to your photo: Morningstar splash page wip4b on Flickr. Twitter…
Brenna, why you so badass?!

I actually legit surprised myself on this one. I think I need to remember that I’ve been painting with acrylics on and off for a decade and a half.

Aug 22
stupidfancy replied to your photo: Done with the new and improved Pony Creator.
My evening is shot — I will be making ponies all night.


a) I wanna see your ponies

b) Enter a random number thing and see what godless creatures spawn out of it.

zaffre replied to your photo: Done with the new and improved Pony Creator.
Brenna-Pony is the sassiest of ponies.

Or the most suspicious.

Aug 1

EXACTLY what I was thinking

erikamoen replied to your photo: Oh, someone got sad.

It’s in bold, so, you know, he REALLY doesn’t care.